Together with businesses to overcome the Covid storm with a series of attractive incentives

Accounting – tax consulting company Vision offers you a preferential program with 𝟎 𝟐 – Only for customers using a package of tax accounting services from 𝟎𝟏/𝟎𝟗 to 𝟑𝟎/𝟎𝟗:

  • 30% off tax accounting service fees
  • 50% discount on service fees for setting up a full-service business.
  • Free inspection and review of accounting books for businesses.
  • Lifetime free consultation on tax and accounting procedures, business law, salary regime and social insurance for employees.
  • Free 300 e-invoice numbers.
  • Free 1 year or 18 months of using social insurance software for businesses
  • ………….. and thousands of other attractive offers.

Quickly contact the hotline 𝟬𝟵𝟲.𝟲𝟴𝟲𝟴.𝟱63 for a free consultation today!!!

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