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Each business activity, each idea, each strategy is associated with legality, and above all, Vision also understands that it is necessary to control well the legal risks that may arise during the operation of the enterprise.

At this time, there are many options for businesses, either hiring a legal staff, or hiring an independent legal unit for regular advice. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, but choosing the form of regular legal advice is still a smart choice.

Coming to Vision, when customers use our legal services regularly, with abundant resources, Vision will work as the client’s legal representative, helping to review transactions and legal requirements. and provide advice by email or text to customers, propose solutions as well as estimate and recommend risks and damages that customers may encounter.

Regular legal consulting services of Vision Tax Agent Joint Stock Company include but are not limited to the following work contents:

Consulting in writing or by phone on all legal issues encountered by enterprises related to the Enterprise Law, Commercial Law, Investment Law, Bidding Law, Labor Law, Law on Social Insurance, Law on Insurance Health insurance, Tax law and accounting…

Consulting, drafting, reviewing types of contracts: Goods sale and purchase contract, service contract, lease/lease contract, loan/lending contract, labor contract, agency contract, Contract of business cooperation…

Reviewing, consulting, drafting: Corporate Governance Documents (Operation Regulations; Meeting Minutes; Internal administrative documents of the Company); Legal documents of the enterprise (Company Charter; Agreement, Minutes of capital contribution of members; Contract of sale, merger, handover minutes; Dissolution, bankruptcy); Dossier for business registration (Dossier of application for the Certificate of Business Registration; Contents of changes to the enterprise; Dossier for establishment of a branch or representative office).

Consulting, drafting and reviewing Human Resource Management Documents: Labor Regulations; Labor contract; Decision on labor and personnel.

Consultancy, drafting, registration of intellectual property rights, protection of trademarks, goods, copyright protection, anti-unfair competition (fake goods, imitation goods)…

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