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Vision provides services related to the examination and review of financial statements.The review period is mid-year, year-end, or for multiple fiscal years.When using Vision’s financial statement review service, customers will be guaranteed to minimize risks before tax audits.

Which business should choose financial statement review service?

  • Enterprises want to periodically check the operation of the accounting apparatus;
  • Review whether applicable tax policies are reasonable and legal
  • Preparing for the inspection, examination and tax finalization;
  • Enterprises need to check whether their activities comply with the law;
  • Managers need to know the exact results of business activities.
  • Enterprises want to improve and improve the operational efficiency of the accounting apparatus.
  • Completing the internal control system.

What will Vision’s financial statement review service do?

  • Survey of actual business operations, overall risk assessment;
  • Planning the review;
  • Checking the internal control cycles being applied at the enterprise
  • Evaluation of the internal control system;
  • Check and analyze the items on the financial statements;
  • Check the applicable tax policy;
  • Review all original documents, assess existing risks;
  • Discuss potential risks with Business Leaders and internal accounting BP.
  • Issue the review report and management letter.

Value brought to customers when using the service?

Vison is proud to have founding shareholders who have many years of accumulated experience and are dedicated to the profession. We have a team of qualified, well-trained and regularly trained staff. training programs of the General Department of Taxation – Ministry of Finance, international organizations and internal training.

The team at Vison is always up to date with new guidelines on Vietnamese accounting and auditing standards, financial regulations, and current tax laws. Vision’s personnel represent Vision’s commitment to service quality and credibility with customers.


Address: 6th Floor – VCCI Building – 91 Nguyen Chi Thanh – Dong Tho Ward – Thanh Hoa City

Hotline: 096.6868.536 hoặc 096.5858.236

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