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Types of FDI enterprises:

  • Foreign Contractor Representative OfficeBranch (limited to foreign banks, tobacco & legal firms)
  • Business Co-operation Contract (“BCC”)
  • Company: 100% subsidiary, joint venture
  • BOT, BTO, BT (infrastructure, energy, utilities, etc.) with governmental agencies)

Characteristics of FDI enterprises:

  • Foreign-invested companies operating in Vietnam must comply with Vietnamese laws
  • Accounting according to the Vietnamese accounting system, under the direct management of the Provincial Tax Department (Economic Department 3 – Tax Department of Thanh Hoa province)
  • Financial statements are required to be audited before they are released.
  • Statistical reports must be prepared as required
  • The system of bank accounts is 3 times higher than that of Vietnamese enterprises, banking transactions with high frequency.

Foreign staff:

  • Must apply for a work permit at the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Visa, or temporary residence card
  • Tax registration, PIT calculation and payment
  • Declare participation in insurance will register a separate unit code and when paying the insurance money also pay the unit code separately for foreigners

Import and Export:

  • Importing machinery and equipment from parent company or company in the same group
  • Import raw materials from abroad
  • Exporting products to foreign countries Tax incentives
  • VAT rate 0%
  • CIT: Indefinite tax exemption, definite tax exemption, definite tax reduction, preferential tax rate….

Benefits from using Vision’s accounting and tax services:

– Accountant with 20 years of accumulated experience, working with FDI enterprises for over 10 years:

  • Korean contractor: comprehensive development project of Thanh Hoa city.
  • Singapore contractor: Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Project.
  • Taiwan capital export garment company.
  • Garment processing and exporting company with Korean capital.
  • Declaration, settlement, tax refund for experts: Belgium, Singapore, Japan, Korea … working in Thanh Hoa.

– Professional, accurate, cost-effective, confidential service.

– Working on behalf of businesses with tax and customs authorities in Thanh Hoa.

– Knowledge of policies and laws, practical experience, good diplomatic ability.

– Service costs are issued VAT invoices, are tax deductible, enterprises are accounted into expenses.

– The records are tight, in compliance with tax laws and accounting regimes, there is no risk when inspected by the authorities.

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