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Vision tax agent with a team of accountants with 10 – 20 years of accumulated experience, deep understanding of current accounting regimes, policies and tax laws, we receive support for businesses to prepare reports. financial and tax finalization at the end of the accounting year.

Financial reporting process:

  • Check, review and compare monthly tax returns.
  • Notify businesses of problems with cash funds, banking, inventory, debts, expenses of all kinds…
  • Consulting on tax policies, documents, accounting and tax sanction issues for businesses to grasp and understand.
  • Indicate errors and outstanding issues on the financial statements and directions for handling and overcoming.
  • Make a balance sheet of Revenue – Expense, calculate profit and loss, advise on tax risks for businesses.
  • Closing data, making complete financial statements: Set of financial statements, Declaration of finalization of corporate income tax.
  • Personal income tax finalization declaration.
  • Submit financial statements to tax authorities

Benefits of businesses when using financial reporting services:

  • The cost of using our services is always many times lower than the cost that businesses spend to hire qualified accountants to perform the above tasks.
  • We will act on behalf of the company to solve all arising problems and problems in the working process.
  • Be responsible for explaining before the tax authorities about the data in the financial statements. (if enterprises have demand)
  • Financial reporting services always provide customers with accurate and timely tax reports, figures, profit and loss figures.
  • We are committed to confidentiality of information on financial statements for businesses before – during and after implementation.

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