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Company, Enterprise after being established and put into operation, for different reasons to meet business requirements, market, and customer needs Customers need to change business registration contents, such as: Change company name, address, change members/shareholders, industry….

That means that the business will have to carry out procedures to change the business license, complying with the provisions of the current enterprise law.

Vision with many years of experience in the field of consulting Enterprises provides cheap and reputable business registration change services with fast resolution time, professional advice, accurate procedures, and the most reasonable cost.


1. Using the service of changing business registration at Vision, customers only need to provide the following necessary documents and records

  • List of contents that need to be changed or supplemented;
  • Original business registration;
  • Certified ID card (if adding members or changing member information, changing legal representatives);
  • Certified copy of practicing certificate (if the profession requires a practicing certificate, for example: pharmaceutical business, construction design…)
  • A written certification of legal capital (if adding a business requiring legal capital).

2. Vision will provide FREE consultation on business registration changes

  • Consulting on changing the company name: The name of the enterprise to be replaced must not be the same and cause confusion with other enterprises nationwide. Vision conducts a lookup of the name of the enterprise to be replaced to avoid overlapping or causing confusion in accordance with the law.
  • Changing the company’s line of business: Expanding into a new market, product or service is the direction of companies that are on the path of development.
  • Advice on changing the company’s head office address: With a specific address, businesses can borrow or rent. Many businesses can have the same address. The enterprise clearly declares the change in the address of the head office.
  • Consulting to change the company’s charter capital: Enterprises can increase or decrease the charter capital. When increasing or decreasing the charter capital of the enterprise, it is required to specify the amount of additional capital, the restructuring of the capital contribution of the members of the company after the increase or decrease.
  • Change of legal representative of the company: must not be cadres, civil servants, officers, non-commissioned officers, professional soldiers, employees of the army, public security, people with limited behavioral capacity civil, serving a prison sentence
  • Consulting Change of members in the company: Enterprises can withdraw, supplement, and replace members in the company. When carrying out work on the enterprise, the list of members must be restructured after the change.
  • Advice on other changes: In addition to the above changes, an enterprise may have other business registration changes in its business registration license. The retrieval of information will be specific to each other such change.

3. Vision will complete the profile, represent the customer to carry out the legal procedures related to the change of business registration:

Completing the business registration change dossier:

  • Minutes of the meeting on the change of business registration;
  • Decision on the change of business registration;
  • Notice of change of business registration;
  • Capital transfer contract (if any);
  • Minutes of liquidation of capital transfer contract (if any);
  • Notice of establishment of the Register of Shareholders (if any);
  • Authorization letter;
  • In addition, for each changed content, there will be other relevant documents;

Representing customers to carry out the following procedures:

  • Submit the application for change of business registration at the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Monitor the processing process and notify the results of submitted documents;
  • Receive a business registration certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Submit the application for seal engraving registration and contact seal engraving for the Enterprise at the competent police agency (if the change of business registration results in a change of the legal entity seal);
  • Receive certificate of seal and seal sample registration (if any)
  • Carrying out procedures for registering a Tax Code for an Enterprise (if the change in business registration results in a change in the Tax Registration Certificate);
  • Receive a Certificate of Tax ID of the Enterprise (if any);

4. After-sales service for customers

  • Providing tax accounting services for businesses;
  • Provide legal documents, forms, contracts for free via email company;
  • Free consultation during the operation of the Enterprise;
  • Guide other relevant procedures;Contact us immediately to use the best regular consulting service.


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