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What is the company formation service?

Company establishment service is a consulting service to support businesses on many issues such as legal, procedures for setting up a company, documents needed to prepare to establish a business, etc. You prepare well in advance, ready to make your wishes come true.

What are the benefits of using a business registration service?

Today, Vietnam is promoting economic development towards international integration, leading to extremely fierce market competition. In particular, newly established or small-scale companies become more and more difficult and encounter many obstacles in doing business.

Therefore, the service of opening a company has become urgent and trusted by many people because of the benefits it brings listed below. You will be consulted and guided through the entire process in the most specific way to open a company. When you have questions and difficulties during the procedure, you can immediately contact the service of establishing a limited company, which will be resolved quickly and thoroughly.

Avoid long-term cases causing big mistakes, affecting the whole process. When you sign up for this service, you won’t have a headache in making complicated and confusing records. Which will be prepared by the law firm from A to Z. Save time, quickly enter business.

Because the consulting team in the service are all old and full of experience, everything will go smoothly and efficiently. The company establishment information and stamp engraving are publicized by the law firm on your behalf. Father.Vision understands this and wishes to be able to help young people’s dream of starting a business come true.

Here, we provide the following business establishment services:

  • Establishment of a joint stock company
  • Establishment of one member / 2 member limited company
  • Establishment of a partnership company
  • Establishment of a company with 100% foreign investment capital
  • Establishment of a private company
  • Establishment of a joint venture company
  • Establishment of a cooperative
  • Formation of a corporation
  • Establishing a representative office/company branch
  • Establishment of an individual business household

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