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Investment license is a type of certificate to manage the investment of domestic and foreign investors making investments in the territory of Vietnam, is an operation license issued by a competent authority for Eligible organizations and individuals are often associated with investment projects and mostly apply to individuals and organizations with foreign elements.

To apply for an investment license requires you to carry out many complicated procedures as required by the investment licensing agency. understanding as well as effort to prepare dossiers, draft documents, sometimes have to amend many times the application for investment license in accordance with the requirements of the investment licensing agency.

The investment license application service of Vision Tax Agent Joint Stock Company will help you save time and costs when carrying out the procedures for applying for an investment license.

Vision is a professional unit in the field of applying for an investment license, with fast settlement time, accurate procedures, professional and dedicated service, a team of experienced lawyers to ensure service. Apply for an investment license that provides you exactly in accordance with applicable laws.

Investment License Application Service Contents Include:

1. Consulting for investment license:

  • The consultant will guide customers to provide necessary information and documents;
  • Consulting and guiding customers on issues related to business lines;
  • Consulting and guiding on naming projects, names of companies and enterprises according to Vietnamese language, English language, international language and abbreviated names;
  • Consulting on selection of capital contribution scale, form of capital contribution, organizational structure and corporate governance;
  • Advice on choosing the location of the company’s headquarters

2. Making investment projects:

This is the basis for customers to implement investment activities

3. Drafting application for investment license:

Vision will collect necessary information and records from customers. After receiving the necessary information and documents, we will proceed to prepare the dossier. Prepare the forms in accordance with the regulations of the investment licensing agency.

4. On behalf of clients to submit documents and receive investment license results:

Vision will apply for an investment license on behalf of the customer to the investment licensing agency as authorized by the customer

For newly established companies and enterprises:

  • Perform seal engraving for newly established companies;
  • Tax registration and initial tax return with tax authorities;
  • Carry out the procedure of printing/buying invoices for the first time with tax authorities;
  • Posting a declaration of establishment of a company or enterprise in accordance with the law, registering a seal sample at a competent authority

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