7 things you need to check to minimize errors when preparing financial statements

  1. Check bank account balance

  2. Check the balance of receivables and payables

  3. Check account balance 133

  4. Your Inventory account

  5. Check loan balance

  6. Check tax targets and state payables

  7. Check the accounting of loan interest expenses

The review period is mid-year, year-end, or for multiple fiscal years. This is also the time when many businesses have turned to Vision to be able to review financial statements in the most synchronous and effective way, periodically check the operation of the accounting apparatus and improve the quality of operations, review the policies and procedures. applicable tax policy. And especially in order to minimize the risk before the inspection by the tax authorities.

What will Vision’s financial statement review service do?

  • Survey of actual business operations, overall risk assessment;
  • Review planning;
  • Carry out inspection of internal control cycles applied at the enterprise;
  • Evaluation of the internal control system;
  • Check and analyze the items on the financial statements;
  • Check the applicable tax policy;
  • Review all original documents, assess existing risks;
  • Discuss potential risks with Business Leaders and internal accounting BP.
  • Issue the review report and management letter.



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